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What's So Great About Vintage

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That question can be seen as a statement of fervor and joy, in which case you're going to be there for awhile (explaining how your interest began and what you have and what your favorite piece is and why) or it's a question that perhaps you're new to seeing this world, and ask yourself --because you don't get what all the energy and excitement is about. You may have seen someone wearing a piece or chanced across some online and wondered.

Many people think they know a vintage piece when they see one. Do they? Vintage is not just something that has a lot of glitter or lots of personality, as they say. It's not necessarily a dog with googly eyes staring ironically back at you from a brooch on a lapel. Some pieces are quite understated. Vintage jewelry often has a weight and feel to it that you get to soon recognize (and crave).

It's not automatically something your mom or great aunt wore when they were young adults. Well-made and well-designed vintage costume jewelry can be worn throughout many years if chosen carefully, and enjoyed throughout your life simply because you like it or it speaks to you in some way. Some of my personal favorites are ones handed down or won at age seven in a game of Go Fish. The rhinestone star brooch is such a piece. The original white rhinestone one is safely hidden away) but I found ones in golden iridescent rhinestones and one in grey.  It's not signed but few things give me as much joy to see.

It can reflect a hobby or interest, be a way to stand out in a crowd. Often it's used to define someone's style, to express their personality. After all, if you want to fit in with everyone else, you can order something from an online mega-retailer or department store. Chances are, after a brief period of time, it will end up in the bottom of your jewelry box or thrown out when you move, or given to kids to play with.

With vintage, you get history and a spark to the flame of imagination. You get the way to accent your clothes in a way no one else can. Even when it's resting or taking a break, it's still a thing of beauty. You can look back on when you wore it, or when you did. Maybe you got a promotion or made it through the pandemic with your sanity intact- you're a star !

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  • Kelly on

    Is there a piece you especially value?

  • Kelly on

    That’s how I started building up my collection. I was lucky in that when other family members heard that I collected, they gave me what they didn’t want, because they were (shudder) going to throw it away. Do you have a piece that has particular meaning to you?

  • SAundra BUtler on

    I have jewelry from several family members.

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