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Take My Breath Away

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When I was a child, we had many, many school lessons about the importance of being kind to the Earth, and to each other. The importance of turning the light out when you left the room, not letting the water run while you went to do something else --these were emphasized again and again. I remember seeing the commercial with the crying Native  American. To this day I hate to see lights on when I've left a room, and not merely because I’m paying for the electricity, and I’ll say to my dogs when they are taking their time out the door that I’m not paying to air condition the outdoors. I still have  some clothes from over thirty years ago because I figure someone might need them. Basically, I'm something of a packrat with what I consider justification…And of course we were taught to play fair, do unto others, and be be responsible for your actions.

Some things are easier to live than others; turning the other cheek, keeping the sly comment or piece of gossip to yourself, using the recycle bin even if you don’t really get how recycling works. Of course, as I’ve said before, I hate to think of people throwing away costume jewelry (or, honestly, many things) that they felt was worthless or just didn’t want, not only because it pains me to to think of some great piece lost to the ages but because when you think about it,  collecting and especially wearing vintage jewelry and clothing is promoting sustainability. So much clothing and jewelry is made every year, and not usually meant to last; people and children work in terrible conditions so that we can have it. As I’ve also said, I'm not here to be political, but human rights are simply that. By enjoying vintage, you are helping the Earth and helping to conserve our limited resources. 

Another limited resource of particular note is...breath and life. Kudos and thank you to those who wear a mask in public. I have noticed that while it might be difficult to see a necklace when one is doing this right thing, earrings can take center stage now, and be a way to express yourself a bit more. I’m working on getting in more in the next few days, please consider what is in stock now. It’ll brighten your spirits! 

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